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Monthly Meetings*


General Membership Meetings

2nd Friday of the Month

Kenai American Legion

Steak Dinner available for $9.00


  *Children are always welcome.

Think It Over

Are you an active member

The kind that would be missed

Or are you just contented that

Your name is on the list

Do you attend the meetings

And mingle with the flock

Or do you stay away

And criticize and knock

Do you take an active part

To help the work along

Or are you satisfied to be

The kind that "just belongs"

Do you ever work on committees

To see there is no trick

Or leave the work to just a few

And talk about the clique

So come to meetings often

And help with hand and heart

Don't just me a member

But take an active part

Please just think this over

You know right and wrong

Are you an active member

Or do you "just belong"


If anyone has community events they would like posted here, e-mail the webmasters.